The Aries Bellydancer ,April 4th

The Aries Dancer is Bold & Dynamic 

Aries is symbolized by the Ram and is ruled by Mars, planet of war and action. The colour is red and Aries rules the head. The Aries character is bold, daring, charismatic, pioneering, independent, straight-forward, energetic and strong. Arie’s natural charisma makes her very sexy and self-assured! The Aries character creates a confident¬†dancer.

A fire sign, Aries is excitable and ready to try new things without hesitation! In dance, Aries is comfortable in a dynamic, lead role in a troupe or does brilliantly in a solo dance, using bold gesture, particularly in the cabaret style. Explore movements that gesture outwardly and highlight the head.

All Aries bellydancers should have one stunning red colored costume. A glittering red two piece cabaret costume or deep red velvet saiidi dress helps Aries express her dynamism. Coins, head wear and ornate headbands can be worn to highlight the head.