Rostafa @ Trend Stage,Oct-6

Rostafa is no stranger to the Montclair music scene. Rostafa, 25 years, old, from West Orange, NJ, has been an active participant in scene for the past 5 years. He started playing at the late Piano’s Bar and Grill, which led him to Trend Coffee and Tea’s first open mic in January of 2012. He has help support local organizations such as “Parents Who Rock” and “Make Music Montclair.” As of May 2015, he is a graduate of Montclair State University receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Studies. He is also participating in theatrical productions on the life of Felicia Moss called “Redemption,” as well as “Hair” and Spring Awakening in the North New Jersey area. If you’re ever on Church St on a beautiful and warm day outside from Wednesday thru Sunday, you might just see him playing his acoustic guitar and harmonicas.