Paul Gargiulo live at Trend Stage,March-24th

Trend Stage is very happy to have such as a pro musicain to perform.

New Jersey recording artist and guitarist/singer/songwriter Paul Gargiulo is currently working on his seventh cd, and has already released 6studio cds, including his latest  album, Long Time Coming, in 2016. Jersey born and bred Paul Gargiulo is a favorite performer and is known for his original music and innovative finger work on the guitar. Thia singer songwriter launched his musical career singing and writing blues based music then jumped into lyrics dealing with his own personal experiences, struggles, lessons learned, loss and inspiration. His performances are noted for their sheer energy, passion and relentless powerhouse vocals that are heightened by his gifted guitar playing.

Paul brings his mad genius guitar skills to the stage in a manner that brings it to life, and somehow manages to hypnotize the audience not only with his lightening fast, magical picking but also with melody. The songs vibrate through your entire body, and you will feel them resonate in your bones.


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