Ladies Night w/Ariel Guidry&Carolyn Light on Apr-7

One of the very rare and spectacular night at Trend Stage.

Friday April 7th is Ladies Night Out at Montclair,

and we have beautiful and talented Ariel and Carolyn for the night.

Here is what Ariel said for herself and music in general:

Music is life. 
Music reflects the heart’s desire and and is the soul’s means of expression. 
Being a musician, it is my purpose to translate and convey those messages. 
I love and enjoy what I do and everyday is a new opportunity to grow.
This is only the beginning…

here are some links for Ariel:

Video Links: 

Yellow Frog Soul Sessions 2013: Feat Ariel Guidry at the Lampost in Jersey City- Video and edits by Captured by Tijon Maru

And more info about Carolyn you can find at:

One of those night that you don’t want to miss.