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Wonders Posed 10

The Sensational Country Blues Wonders,March-3rd

  “The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!” are a Jersey City band that replicates the original instrumental lineup of acoustic rhythm guitar, electric lead guitar and upright acoustic bass used on the first rock and roll records recorded by Elvis Presley at Sun Studio. The “Wonders” are not a cover band, but a group that has it’s own unique interpretation of …

Feb-24 flyer

Jazz Evening Concert,feb-24

Great Band,Great Jazz,Great Night, all in One Night on Feb-24.   Here is the lineup: Lynette Sheard-Vocal Boris de Vries-Guitar Gary Fredriksen-Drumms Faith Krausman-Sax Fred Guterl-Trumpet Jerry Weir-Vibraphone   The choice is yours, To Be Or Not To Be present for that night at Trend Coffee


Latino Jazz Night w/Moonlight Duo,feb-18

Trend Stage on fire, feb-18. Moonlight Dou-Fernando & Martin, is a guitar and percussion on steroids, that make them sound like the whole orchestra. There is a always a jam session at the end of the night, so the mix of energy is on high level with a lot of joy. 


Joseph Frame,live feb-17

Everything from Classical to Latino to Jazz and Pop music is the theme for the night of Feb-17. Joseph Frame with his musical skills will demonstarte all different styles in one night.


Jazz Night with James Zacker ,feb-10

Zacker James,a well known jazz guitar player will perform at Trend Stage on Feb-10th. We still don’t know what musicians will play with him for the night, so it will be surprise for everyone. No doubt this is a great chance for jazz lovers and music lovers to spend another relaxing night at Trend Coffee.