Trend Coffee & Tea House


Black Lace Blues Band,live,May-26

Our favorite old-new blues band is back. As we mentioned many times now, this band play blues but very groovie,funky and has that rock note as well, which make the blues much more interesting even for people who are not real blues lovers. Last thing to say: Do not miss this show…  


Dharma Bums,at Trend Stage May-5

“Montclair bassist Jeff Hays welcomes Joe Hanley and Adam George, co-founders of the Dharma Bums trio to their first performance together in 3 years. Also on tap, Jeff will debut original songs from his upcoming release with his group , ‘The Sons of Wilbur’ featuring Richard Reiter and Joe Plum.


Jazz in the Key of Life,Apr-29

To all Jazz Lovers, Another crazy Jazz night at Trend Stage. WE know that Mitch Germansky plays drums, but who are the other musician we do not know. So this is  a real Jazz night where musicians play and jam for the  first time. To Be or Not To Be guest for that night is your choice.  


Robert Wilson life at Trend Stage,Apr-21

Robert Wilson-Rostafa is our great friend and even much better musician. He is everything from,Singer-Songwriter  to great player,acter,fashion person and more. Another unique and personal approach to the music that makes even the songs that you know different. Not more to say, but just being part of this night will tell everything.